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Cuyabeno 5 Days Itinerary

Want an adventurous way to see the Amazon? Then this 5-day paddle board program is perfect for you!

On this tour, you will enjoy the best of the Cuyabeno in a fun way. During this program, you will spend 3 full days on a paddle board in combination with scenic canoe rides, deep jungle walks, and thrilling night walks! Enjoy spotting uncommon animal species such as pink dolphins, sloths, anacondas, and caimans. Our local guide will make sure that you have an unforgettable trip.

Want to know more? Look at our detailed itinerary and book a tour!

Day 1: Canoe excursion & Night walk

Our jungle tour will begin at 09:30 a.m. in the morning at Hotel Restaurante D’ Mario if you arrive by bus. Our private bus will pick you up and we will travel for 2 hours to reach the town of ‘Tierras Orientales’. Here, we will enjoy a provided box lunch.

After lunch, get ready to enjoy a 3,5 hour canoe ride through the Cuyabeno jungle. Here you will spot your first Cuyabeno animals, such as pink dolphins, monkeys, and all kinds of birds. After this amazing canoe trip, we will arrive at Waita Lodge where everybody will have time to unpack.

After a delicious dinner, our local guide will give an informative talk about the activities of the following days in the Cuyabeno. After this talk, we will invite you to make an exciting night walk. You will be looking for spiders, insects, snakes, and many more insects

Day 2: Paddle boarding & Deep Jungle walk

This morning you will have an early start on your paddle boards at 6:00 a.m. The best time to see the sunset and enjoy birdwatching is at dawn. This is why we will paddle through small lakes near the lodge to observe animals and discover the landscapes. 

After an energizing breakfast and some rest, our guide will take you on a 3-hour deep jungle walk through the Cuyabeno rainforest. He will share knowledge about the Amazon that was passed on for generations. This interesting walk helps us understand the jungle in a unique way. 

At 04:30 p.m. , we will take our paddle board for another adventure. First, we will row to the forest flooded by black water. Here we will be able to see its interesting inhabitants. This is followed by a visit to the white water river where we can spot birds that can’t be found on big rivers.

When the night falls, we will return to Waita lodge. On our journey back, we will search for caimans. This is also a perfect time to spot fishing bats, tree snakes, and many birds.

Day 3: Paddle Boarding, Bird Observation Tower & Night Walk

Around 05:30 a.m. , we will be sailing on our paddle boards to enjoy the jungle life before dawn. On a 2-hour journey, we will sail to a unique section of the Cuyabeno river. At 07:00 p.m. colorful parrots and parakeets eat nutrients of a clay bank exposed to the river. Our paddle boards give us the perfect chance to see this event up close. 

After a beakfast and some rest, we will take our paddle boards for a longer journey. We will head downstream until the point where two rivers meet. We can enjoy breath-taking landscapes and spotting pink dolphins. We will then head back to Waita lodge for a delicious lunch. 

In the afternoon at 04:00 p.m. , we will take the canoe that will bring us to the Amarum Poza lagoon. Here we will take our paddle boards and paddle to the Bird Observation Tower. This Observation tower, built around one of the largest trees, is an amazing 28 meters high. From this tower, you have a breath-taking view of the jungle canopy of the Cuyabeno. 

Before returning to the lodge, we will make a short night walk to search for new species of insects. At the lodge, a delicious dinner and well-deserved rest is waiting for us.

Day 4: Canoe ride, Deep Jungle walk & Paddle Boarding

An early breakfast at 07:00 a.m. will give us the energy we will need for today. Taking the motorized canoe, we will venture to the Terra Firme forest where our guide will take you on a deep jungle walk to enjoy the rainforest. 

After this walk, you will enjoy a box lunch and prepare your paddle boards. With our boards, we will paddle downstream along the Cuyabeno river. We will enjoy the landscapes, swimming, and spotting monkeys, reptiles, and birds. This is the place with the least impact from tourists, so you will have a unique opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

Finally, at 04:30 p.m. we will head back to the lodge where you will enjoy some rest from this active day.

Day 5: Morning excursion & Canoe ride

On the last day of this 5-day tour, we will enjoy our last early activity in the Cuyabeno. Our guide will take you on a brief excursion into the forest or by canoe to enjoy the awakening of nature. 

After breakfast, you must prepare your luggage for the return trip. Luckily, there is another 3,5 hour canoe trip back to the town of Tierras Orientales. This will be a nice moment to take the last memory of this wonderful place. 

Once we reach the town, our private transport will take you back to Lago Agrio. This will be the end of your jungle tour. Arriving at 16h00, here you can either take a bus or plane back to Quito. 

Starting days: Every Monday and Friday

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