Ecuadorian Amazon tour

Cuyabeno 5 Days Itinerary

Day 1.-

 Our adventure begins at 09h30 am. at Hotel Restaurante D’ Mario for people arriving by bus to the city of Lago Agrio, and at 10h30 am. for people arriving by plane.  

To then take our private bus and travel for approximately 2 hours to reach the town of “Tierras Orientales” place located on the banks of the Aguarico River, at this point we will provide a Box Lunch and prepare to take the motor canoe, and begin our journey downstream Aguarico River approximately 3 hours to reach the “bocana” place where the river Aguarico joins the river Cuyabeno at this point we will have the opportunity to enjoy an incredible landscape, since it is a place where you can observe without difficulty the pink dolphins of fresh water, and to be able to see the great difference between the secondary forest and the primary forest, after enjoying this spectacle we will continue our trip for 30 minutes more on the river Cuyabeno upstream until arriving at our Amazon Lodge located to borders of the lagoon San Francisco inside the reserve Cuyabeno,  

Along this route we will be able to appreciate the great biodiversity of the forest, we will have the opportunity to observe and photograph several species of animals such as monkeys, birds, reptiles and aquatic mammals. You will be able to observe them without difficulty since our guides will provide us with Binoculars in case we do not have them or need them. 

Finally we arrive at our Lodge, we will have time to relax and familiarize ourselves with the environment of the place.  

After dinner our guide will give us an informative talk about the activities for the following days and will invite us to make a night walk around the camp in search of interesting nocturnal species such as insects, spiders, amphibians, tree snakes and much more.

Day 2.-

The best time for bird watching is before dawn, our activity begins at 6 am, we will take our tables to enjoy the sunrise and an incredible landscape of the rainforest, we will navigate through small lakes near the Lodge, during this tour we will have the opportunity to observe a wide variety of species of birds and mammals,  after having enjoyed a fantastic landscape we return to our Lodge to enjoy a delicious breakfast. 

After a short rest our Guide will invite us to be part of a walk of 3 hours approximately, accompanied by our Local Guide, who will explain us and will share their knowledge about the practical use of medicinal plants that their ancestors have transmitted through generations, after enjoying the great knowledge of our guides and their connection with the world of botany we return to our Lodge to take a delicious lunch.  

In the afternoon at 16h30 we will once again take our boards to navigate around the lagoon of the Ceibo “giant tree of the jungle” that is located near our Lodge, and thus be able to admire the forest flooded by black water or also called “Igapo” considered within the tropical rainforest as one of the 5 ecosystems dominated by the famous trees of “Macrolobium” trees that because of their great ability to store nutrients in their bark become home to countless microscopic animals, epiphytes and many species of birds, 

After enjoying an afternoon full of surprises When the night begins to fall back to the Lodge we ventured in search of caimans (family of lizards), also on the way we can find species of nocturnal animals such as fishing bats, tree boas and nocturnal birds.

Day 3.-

An early activity allows us to enjoy nature in its pure state since the best hours to enjoy the rainforest and its animal life are before dawn, 

Very early around 05h30 am. We will sail on our boards along the river downstream for approximately 2 hours, this being the best time for bird watching, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a large number of species along the river until we reach the “saladero” (clay bank full of nutrients exposed to the banks of the river) where colorful parrots and parakeets every day around 7h00 am, In this place we will have the opportunity to enjoy 5 species of parrots and parakeets feeding on clay or perchados around the place. 

After enjoying this magnificent morning we return to our Lodge for breakfast.

After having taken a break we will take the boards once for a long journey downstream Cuyabeno enjoying a thriving rainforest activity until we reach the “bocana” where two rivers meet, in this place we will be able to enjoy sighting of pink dolphins of fresh water and to delight us of a bath and of a wonderful landscape since in the union of these two rivers it is possible to be appreciated the coloration of the white waters full of sediments that come from the Rio Aguarico and the black waters full of tannins that come from the river Cuyabeno, after having enjoyed this morning we return to our Lodge where they wait for us with a delicious lunch. 

In the afternoon at 16h00 we will take our canoe to go to the entrance of the lagoon of ¨Amarum poza¨ we will enter this lagoon in our tables to make a visit to the Bird Observation Tower which is built around one of the largest trees of the place “a Ceibo tree” from the top of the tower at 28 meters high we will have a great view of the Canopy and an impressive view of the rainforest this will give us the opportunity to hear and observe a great diversity of animal life. 

Before returning to our Lodge we will make a short night walk around the tower in search of new species of insects, then return to our Lodge where they will be waiting for us with an delicious dinner.

Day 4.-

Once again we prepare to go in search of new adventures and new species of birds to enrich a little more our “check list”. 

On this occasion we will have an early breakfast at 7:00 a.m.  

Then we will take our motorized canoe sailing for 1 hour on the Cuyabeno river upstream until we reach the terra firme forest where we will take a short walk to enjoy the differences of the ecosystems and share the knowledge of our guide, after this tour we will take a box lunch and prepare for our return on the boards, we will navigate downstream along the cuyabeno river enjoying the landscape, swimming and sharing an unforgettable adventure. Along this route you can observe a great amount of animal life such as monkeys, birds, reptiles and enjoy the concert of animals since this is a place with less impact of tourists. Arrival time at the lodge 16h30  

We will take a break and then prepare to make our “check list” with our naturalist guide.

Day 5.-

This being our last day in this wonderful place, we will have a last early activity with a brief excursion into the forest or by canoe to enjoy the awakening of nature.  

This is a good opportunity for bird watching. This activity allows us to take the last memory of this wonderful place. 

After breakfast you must prepare your luggage for the return trip. We will sail 30 minutes on the Cuyabeno river downstream and then take the Aguarico river upstream for 3 hours until we reach Tierras Orientales where we will be waiting for our transport to move to the city of Lago Agrio, arriving approximately 16h00 either to take the bus or the plane back to Quito. 

Optional activity in the morning of day 3.- People who would like to visit and have an experience with a local Kichwa family can do it this morning for an extra cost of 6 dollars per person. A member of the family will show us part of their culture and the way they live in these times we will know the cocoa plantations and we will share step by step how they prepare the cassava bread called “Cassave” and our guide will explain the traditions and local cultures from the past to the present.  After enjoying a moment of culture with the Kichwa family we return to our Lodge for lunch and continue with the normal itinerary.

Starting days: Every Monday and Friday

Additional Information

Minimum 2 people maximum 6 people

Private room/Share room
5 Days – 4 Nights – $ 700p.p.

Kids under 12 special price 
5 Days $560

Single Room supplement has an extra charge of 75% of the normal price

Dolphin Lodge (a second option when we don’t have availability at Waita)

4 Days – 3 Nights – $ 290 p.p.

5 Days – 4 Nights – $ 330 p.p.

  • Bilingual naturalist guide: English/Spanish
  • River transport
  • Lodging in traditional cabins. 
  • Private bathroom 
  • Meals on tour (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) 
  • Tea, coffee, chocolate enabled all day
  • Catering for vegetarians or vegans
  • Electricity to charge the batteries
  • Equipment (poncho, rubber boots, binoculars
  • Happy time: 18:30 p.m. to 21:00 p.m. free Caipirinha in our bar
  • Shampoo biodegradable soap 
  • Transportation Lago Agrio – Cuyabeno – Lago Agrio
Not Included
Ground / Air transportation from Quito to Lago Agrio – Lago Agrio to Quito
Additional beverages such as beer and wine inside and outside the Lodge
Visit observation tower 5 dollars per passenger 
Family visit Local 6 dollars per passenger 
Breakfast on the first day 
Last Day Dinner 
Tips for our crew and guides  

How to get to Lago Agrio (3 Options)

Option 1: Private Tourist Shuttle ($20 one-way or $40 roundtrip per person)

The private bus is arranged by a third-party company

Departure from Mariscal area at Blue House Hostel (Joaquin Pinto E8-24 y Diego de Almagro) at 10:50 pm.

Or departure from Hump Day Hostel (Venezuela S1-28 y Rocafuerte) at 11:15 pm

Arrival: Meeting Point Hotel D’Mario approx. 6 am.

*Return to Quito: The drop off is at José de Antepara y Rios, in the Old Town or at Ventimilla and Juan León Mera, in La Mariscal. So please keep in mind that you might have to take a taxi to your accommodation after arriving in Quito.

Option 2: Public Bus ($14)

Get to the Quitumbe Bus Terminal around 9.30 pm and take a ticket for any bus to Lago Agrio which departures at 11-11.30 pm.

Option 3: Flight with Tame (only airline)

Any flight that arrives before 11:00 am we will pick you up from the airport

(Consult your agent about it)

Note: When you arrive at Lago Agrio by public bus around 6 am, you need to take a taxi from the bus station to the Hotel D’Mario for $1 Dollar, our meeting point and wait for the guide, who will pick you up at 9.30 am.

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